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H   I   S   T   O   R   Y

Restorer Of Hope Ministries (ROHM) originated through a kingdom writing assignment, "An Imperfect Vessel Chosen For God's Glory."


In August 2018, inspired and orchestrated by God, Minister Sheila Whiting accepted her first writing assignment with a mandate to deliver God's messages of hope using intimate events of her life. In January 2020, Minister Sheila's writing assignment came to full completion and took a life of its own.  


In June 2020, Minister Sheila did her first Facebook Live. She hosted Phase I of the "Restorer of Hope Journey." She took her virtual audience on a ten-week promotional tour. Once a week, she highlighted a chapter in her book. God created an atmosphere that took the virtual audience on a journey painting a perfect picture that brought life to the scriptures she referenced in her story.  The journey was a launching pad for greater; it opened an unexpected door. She clearly heard the voice of God say, "your assignment didn't start and stop with the writing of your book, it is the start of a ministry." Minister Sheila was blown away, and chose to keep silent.         

October 25, 2020, Minister Sheila joined 'Warriors of the Word" on a forty-day fast. In that season of fasting, God instructed her to "be still", "stop talking", and "listen". Totally surrendering to God, she laid down her life in prayer as she waited patiently for God's guidance and instructions. She had an awakening experience. God exposed a hidden fear she had in the area of ministry. The fear of failure caused her to usher others through doors God opened for her.  Immediately, she suited up in her armor, waged war against Satan, took charge over that "spirit of fear." Assisted by Jenny Weaver's spiritual warfare anointing via Facebook, Minister Sheila used her spiritual authority to denounce that spirit off her life.

God didn't stop there. He connected Minister Sheila to "Sister2Sister Gathering" conference call where she received a Word from the Lord that confirmed what God had already spoken to her. In her season of being still, quiet, and listening, God showed Himself mighty! 


November 15, 2020, Minister Sheila was blessed by Nova Marie Music production. One of the songs, "Fear Can't Live Here" became her daily declaration. Minister Sheila believes that God used that beautiful vessel to write, produce, and release the perfect song that reminds her daily that fear can't live here anymore.


During a forty-day fast, on three different mornings, Minister Sheila was awakened by the voice of God asking her, "who is looking after the Sheep?" Each time, the question was so profound her spirit couldn't rest so she sought God for understanding. God led her to Matthew 6:10; Luke 19:10; and Luke 15:3 - 7.  As she studied and meditated on those scriptures, she heard the voice of God say, "you have fished from the bank long enough, it's time for deep-sea fishing." God laid out His vision and plan for her assignment. 


Obeying God's mandate for her life, Minister Sheila launched into the deep trembling and trusting.  She accepted her first radio book interview. December 3, 2020, she appeared on "The Hope Connection" (Rhema Gospel Radio-KOER-LP).  That interview gave her the courage she needed to step into her new assignment. Without a full understanding, Minister Sheila totally surrendered to God and began to write the vision and plan God showed her in several dreams.


January 23, 2021, Minister Sheila hosted Phase II of the "Restorer of Hope Journey" - Meet the Author in the Chat Room. It was a special presentation for her readers and supporters. On this special day, she announced the launching of the "Restorer of Hope Ministries" and "Restorer of Hope - Diamond Book Club." 


January 2022, Restorer of Hope Ministries answered their call to international territories. They said yes, and partnered with Divine Apostolic Ministries- Uganda, East Africa. April 2022, they said yes to a second partnership with Emmanuel Memorial Church of Pakistan, which opened the door for an international mission assignment. July / August 2022, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Minister Sheila launched several outreach ministries under the umbrella of Restorer of Hope: “Eternal Life Ministry,” “International Outreach Mission Ministry,” and the “Breakthrough Prayer Center.”

With a relentless attitude, Minister Sheila is pursuing the call of God on her life. With a posture of faith, she is trusting her compass (the Holy Spirit) to guide her from glory to glory!

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